Who we are

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Dust2Bling give you Local staff. Our staff who have been living on the coast for over 15yrs who are dedicated to their profession and you.

Dust2Bling, a Family owned business has recruited those within the local community young and old with amazing skills that have helped not only to grow dust2bling but to bring you empowerment of relaxation.

Dust2Bling will strive as we grow to employ those who are at need keeping us local and grounded with your help.

With well over 15 years of experience in not only cleaning, but we are also Qualified in Cooking, Nutrition, Horticulture, Fitness, and Chemistry to name a few. We believe with these attributes we can not only solve your cleaning problems though we can help in other areas of your lifestyle too.

Why? Because we care, we want you to be happy, We want you to feel good. You deserve it.

A Clean home leads to Happy lifestyle.

Modern Bathroom

What we use

Australian owned & Enviromentaly friendly Products

Running an environmentally friendly business helps us reduce our impact on the environment and preserves natural resources.

We only use Australian products. Products that are made in Australia, no extra bits and pieces added from elsewhere.  Products that are sustainable, safe and effective. All the products are certified as a good environmental choice by GECA, we back that by purchasing and bring goodness to you.

Our furry friend's treats are also natural, Australian owned 100%. Dried without any added preservatives, colorings, flavorings or additives Perfect!

They love it when we arrive.   


Making our business environmentally friendly not only benefits the environment and your pets with special treats, we also can pass the savings onto you.

Dust2Bling is keeping it Australian owned and local. 


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