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Why should you hire a Dust2Bling cleaner?

We value your time and we are sure there are times you just can't do the things you need to do. That's what we are for. You may be busy with clients, at an event or spending quality time with your family. Dust2Bling makes coming home easier. Feel free to contact us. Put your feet up because you deserve it.

Can you meet your cleaner prior to the service?

Yes. We encourage all of our clients to meet the person who will be cleaning your home, we also look forward to meeting you and your pets. Your pets are important to us, they do need to feel comfortable.

Do I need to tidy before Dust2Bling comes and visits?

We ask if you can pick up anything off the floors that may delay our time allocated for your house by popping items like clothes, hard objects or towels away. Leave the rest for us.

What products do we use?

At Dust2Bling we only use environmentally sustainable products, locally owned. Australian owned.

Nothing goes down your sink or toilet that will harm Australia. 

Our pet goodies are also air dried naturally healthy products. 

Can I contact my cleaner whilst in my home?

Yes, Absolutely. Even though our cleaners run on strict times we are happy to take a call or text and let you know how we are going. For your peace of mind, all our jobs receive a text message at the end of the clean.

How long will my cleaner take?

Our Dust2Bling cleaners have set cleaning times in accordance with the size of your house and how many cleaners it will take. We always run smoothly and efficiently to ensure we don't go over the times allocated. Of course, you can be home or out, we ask is let us make that time worth it and deliver that bling you need.

Do I give the cleaner a key?

Yes. If you intend not to be home on any given cleaning day booked then it will be helpful if the key is organized with our office prior to the job. For your peace of mind, our regular clients have supplied us with spare keys and are handed in locked up in a lockbox after each shift.

Can my pet stay inside while we clean?

Yes. Your pet can stay inside unless you think they won't be comfortable with us. Just keep in mind we are there to clean, our system of cleaning suits the hours allocated, we won't be able to vacuum your house twice or wipe things down if your pet is running around during the clean. We however encourage our clients to introduce their pet to our cleaners prior to the clean. We are confident that your pets will love us as we are confident your pet will love our local bought hormone free, antibiotic free, natural treats. See our product page.

How do I book and Pay?

You simply make your booking online or call us to organize a time and date for your clean. All new clients for the first 3 cleans pay directly on the day cash after the third clean bank deposits are welcome. We do this-this way from past experiences of not being paid If however, you are paying via transfer the payment must be transferred on the day prior to the cleaner leaving. All cash payments please leave in an envelope visible where our cleaner can collect. Our clients usually leave a message upon finishing their online booking or you can let us know over the phone where the safe place is.

Do we feed your pets?

We have found that animals feel comfortable around us, a small treat is always welcomed by our regular client's pets and with an added bonus, we get greeted at the door!
Please let us know where your pet's water is and if we have permission to offer scooby snacks hehehe


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